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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Black and White

We are now officially in autumn but the heat still stings the skin, the weather forecast by next week is that the mercury will drop and we’ll start feeling cool breeze. Anyway, I’m not in a hurry to wrap myself yet, I’m loving the sunshine and the full bloom of flowers which got me to wear this bodycon number in black and white.

oroton tote
I like the geometric pattern of this dress and the snug fit. Black and white outfits are something I really want to add in my wardrobe especially during warm weather. Nothing gives a fresh clean feel and look than this colour combo.
Prada platform sandals

One of the long lasting flowers I noticed for years now is these tubular blooms in shades of blue to purple or white. They are called sparklers because of their iridescent colour that cools the garden. Apparently, these flowers have longer life. Before I left for my 3-week visit to the Philippines they were already there. I felt bad that I didn’t get to snap photos of them, boy was I surprised when I got back they were still standing proudly amidst the heat of the sun. Oh and the name is not really easy to remember but I will leave it ‘til the end of this paragraph so it will get stored in your memory easily, lo and behold it’s called Agapanthus.  
Prada sandals

Oroton bag

And this lavender patch is my all-time favourite backdrop. These little flowers are hardy and long-lived that's why I always get tempted to stop when I drive past as they are always there with their lavender beauty.
  This signature Oroton black tote is a staple arm dangler if you love this Australian bag brand. I decided to use this bag one day after neglecting if for quite some time and I was glad it went well with the black and white theme I sported on that day.

Last but not least to mention is my Prada platform sandals which is made of patent leather and is very sturdy.  I love platforms as it elevates me to higher ground :) 

So that’s all for my flower report and my black and white ensemble :) ‘Til next fashion outfit and flowering post.
Outfit Details:

Bodycon dress similar

Tote from Oroton 

Platform wedges from Prada (similar)
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  1. Hi Mercy... It always amazes me to hear the stories of my friends in other places who are preparing to go through totally different seasons. The flowers are gorgeous but your black and white dress wins the prize! Love reading your posts!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi KaSonndra, thanks a lot for your very nice feedback. I'm enjoying reading your great blog too.

  2. that dress is so pretty :D

  3. Beautiful dress and you look pretty!

  4. Gorgeous. Love the dress

    Happy Friday! Kisses,
    BLOG | Taislany

  5. I love black&white!
    xoxo Gina

    new post

    1. Me too obviously :) Thank your for reading Gina!

  6. Thats a nice dress!!


  7. Such a beautiful stripe dress!
    xo, Jane

  8. Love your dress and the purple flowers around you!

  9. amazing look! I love the dress

  10. Black and white is my favorite color combination. This is a cute dress. The purple flowers in the distance are so pretty.


  11. OMG!! the best dresses for me. I looks like you. And i like to style likes you. I like to wear skirts for this summer. thanks for sharing with us.

  12. wow !! Such a beautiful Dresses !! lovely collection. Especially love skirts. Awesome dear.

    lots of love From

  13. lovely Dress ! Black and white is the best combination and it suits very well.
    looking so beautiful :)

    | Sofia |

  14. Looking beautiful in this black and white dress..Gorgeous look..

  15. Combination of this two colors really awesome.. looking you pretty in this outfit..

    Designers And You

  16. Wow
    nice your signature Oroton black tote is a staple arm dangler if you love this Australian bagbrand is very nice and beautiful .

  17. Black and white dress are in trends.
    Black and white is my favorite color combination..
    And your Dress are very nice .
    Thank you to sharing .

  18. nice one loved your strip style one piece and black and white always look nice its evergreen like your sling bags too

  19. Black and white is my favorite color combination.
    This is a cute dress.
    The purple flowers in the distance are so pretty.
    Thank for sharing this nice post.

  20. Black and White is the best combination in the world.

  21. I liked the dress.
    Everyone like the combination of black and white color.
    Thank you.