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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Street Magnolias

I was lucky enough to catch these pink flowers in my street in full bloom which from the distance we thought as cherry blossoms. It was in the last month of winter (i.e. August) that I finally grabbed my boys to snap photos for me. Lucky too that it was shot in the middle of the day and the sun was on its peak so it was a bit warmer. A couple of weeks after we took the photos, the flower started to fall and new kinds of flowers started to blossom. It's spring now and my street has a different colour theme. Meanwhile, here are the remnants of the pink hues that saturated my street when it was on its coldest.

In its full bloom
This little magnolia tree is my next-door neighbour's and I was glad that he came out from his house when he noticed us in the frontyard. He was the one who told me it's Magnolia, whew forgive me for being horticulturally ignorant. Blame it to hubby who doesn't plant something that he can't eat :-)
 Magnolia Flowers

Ahhh... my little boys in between the Magnolia petals, what a nice sight!

My Jace playing with the fallen petals. That gave me some time to pose for more.

Magnolia Flowers

So long magnolias, until next winter time. 

Floral dress from Her Bench
Wedges from Enzo Angiolini
Bracelet from Pandora

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. -John 15:13
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  1. Great blog!

    1. Thank you Roxanne. Read your great blogs too.

  2. Cute :)
    Maria V.

  3. nice photos and the pink flowers!!