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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Movie time - Jurassic World

Few Saturdays ago my family (minus baby Jace) went to watch the movie Jurassic World, something that we haven’t done for quite some time. This movie sparks an interest with us because of its blockbuster predecessor Jurassic Park and it’s a family movie so we can’t go wrong. It has a bit of science lesson too which is good for students but not according to my oldest son. I don’t know what’s with the teenage hormones as nothing is good for him anymore; nevertheless, he came with us because he had no choice. It’s a family thing and he had nothing more to say.

We dropped Jace to my niece’s which we thought was a good thing for him so he can bond with his nephew ‘Ivan’, ahh cute babies! No matter how much we tried to get there early, we never arrived on time and this is true to most events. Plus grabbing a big popcorn is a must for hubby and 2 ice cream with hard chocolate topping for the boys which I ended up eating one of them. Again the oldest boy continued his drama and boycotted that he went with us because he was forced to but he would just sleep through the entire movie. I thought he was joking and boy oh boy he really was reclining himself in a sleeping position. Well, he maybe only pretending but it was so annoying, I can’t believe he can be that stubborn. While my middle child was a joy to be with (at least at that time), he was noisy telling me what happened at the end with the hybrid dinosaur and why the Velociraptors were listening to the Indominus Rex. In fairness, he was right and it was because his friend at school has seen it twice and couldn’t stop talking about it to him. Anyway, I still love the movie even if we were 10 minutes late and almost didn't catch the beginning. I like the park’s woman-in-charge, Claire, who was played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She had multiple turns of character from stone-cold b*tch to damsel-in-distress (rescued by Owen) and eventually became a hero/ine for facing and releasing the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But I still don’t get how did she run in heels through the muddy jungle, tsk tsk, it must be a very comfortable pumps. I like her better here than in Twilight Saga: Eclipse as the villain Victoria. Duh! who would like the vampire who wanted to kill Bella?
Right after the movie, as usual hubby is kicking himself to go home that picture taking was almost impossible. Had a hard time catching up with the fast walking boys only to find them stopping and ogling at the hobby store. Boys will always be boys no matter where. Well, I can do my picture taking anywhere anyway, so I had a couple of shots of me inside the shop.

Before going home we decided to get a bite in Oliver Brown which is supposed to have a teeth-to-teeth competition with Max Brenner in the chocolate café department. It’s my second time in Oliver Brown and I admit I came back for their banana walnut waffles. But Max Brenner still has the best milk chocolate frappe and my oldest son couldn’t disagree. Finally, he managed to be enthusiastic with the mere mention of Oliver Brown. He is the second chocolate lover in the family next to me.

Walnut Banana Waffle they served us this time

Walnut Banana Waffle I had last time, wonder why they have different presentation.

So we went home with an overdose intake of chocolate and couldn't stop talking about the Mosasaurus suddenly emerging out of the water chomping on the hybrid. Til the next instalment of the Jurassic films.
Turtleneck knitwear from Forcast 
Black jacket from Portmans
Faux leather skirt from Cotton on
Knee-high boots from Sandler
Bag from Burberry

But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. - Joshua 24:15

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